Does anyone have live footage of tilikum the killer whale killing his trainer Dawn?

Question by dancecraze91: Does anyone have live footage of tilikum the killer whale killing his trainer Dawn?
I know it seems insensitive, but I’m just curious to see how it happened.

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well of course not she didn’t know she was going to be killed that day. she didn’t prepare a video camera and even if they was footage it would be in police hands.

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6 Responses to “Does anyone have live footage of tilikum the killer whale killing his trainer Dawn?”

  1. Julie says:

    I don’t think anyone will ever see that one That is morbid if you want to watch someone being killed what is wrong with you

  2. chalkystudebaker says:

    im curious to see it too. not that im inhumane and dont feel sympathy either. Im sure someone will put it up. i mean theres at least more than 300 people will cellphones and camera that mpst likely filmed it so..i dhavent found footage yet.

  3. #1_moz_fan says:

    someone in that crowd is bound to have some footage of it.

  4. James says:

    I don’t think we need to see that, but it’s likely the police have footage of it. There has been film shown that was taken right before the attack, so presumably the police have the film that was taken after the attack. It would be a bit coincidental if the person who filmed it stopped filming right before the attack started.

  5. Mary says:

    My guess is that someone has footage of what happened. And, it’s probably the family that has released the footage of what happened moments before the attack. At the very end of this video which was taken in a restaurant right by the water where the attack started, EVERYONE in the place gets up at exactly the same time and you can tell that something is wrong. I don’t think it’s morbid at all to see what happened, and quite frankly as a member of Joe Q. Public who might someday want to take her future children to Sea World, I want to see what I could be getting myself into. The whale that attacked and killed her trainer, Tilly is the father of some of the whales who do in fact swim in the shows. I have no problem with people who want to go live with wild bears, and say that they love them and the feeling is mutual, until one of them gets too old and hungry to eat salmon and turns on the man-bear to eat him for dinner. I wasn’t there to see it, and neither were any children. It’s quite a different story when this violence occurs in front of children and adults who paid a hefty price for admission. It’s just a matter of time before it happens it again. It might take 30 years, but it will happen again. Someone has the footage, and if they do, they probably just won a small fortune because there is absolutely NO WAY Sea World is going to allow the public to watch it. By the way, I have just re-watched the video minutes before her death and they all mysteriously end before you see the horrified people in the restaurant who look like the place has just been set on fire. As of yesterday, the final seconds of the video showed the whale with Dawn in its mouth, swimming away, not underwater yet, but you can kind of tell that Dawn knows something is wrong yet doesn’t want to alarm anyone. It then shows the scene of the restaurant and everyone is rushing as if something has gone terribly wrong. And, at this moment these people just shut off their video camera? I’m having a hard time buying that. If anyone has video, it is the public’s right to see it. Sea World should release their video too. The PUBLIC has a right to see it. And, in those first seconds after the attack…why was the thing not stunned or shot? Why is their safety protocol a net? It reminds me of the Titanic, where the lifeboats aren’t needed so why have them? Something went wrong with the safety protocols of Sea World that it took over 20 minutes to get her out of its mouth. How does that happen? Why was Tilly not stunned/ tranquilized at from the very beginning? Maybe, Dawn would be here today if it weren’t for lax safety protocols. I would like to see this investigated…

  6. master/jedi says:

    These attacks happen all over the world on trainers! Here in the US it has also happened frequently over the last 10 years! They don’t want you to know about it and will down play or put out false information to protect millions of dollars. It makes me sick they they didn’t value human life enough to have safety measures in place to immediately stop the situation from continuing. In defense of the poor woman who suffered a horrific death that whale should have been killed instantly she was attacked. Not to mention this whale killed a trainer and a tourist before this incident. How much body count are they going to let this whale keep raking up as long as they can make a profit?

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