Sea World Trainer Death


Sea World Trainer Death

Sea world trainer death, three years ago, Russ Rector, Fort Lauderdale dolphin trainer turned marine mammal activist, said that he wrote a letter warning SeaWorld pushed her too hard mammals show Wow the audience, inviting the attacks by the instructors. 

On Wednesday, Killer Whale Tilikum they participated in two previous fatal attack trainer during a show at an amusement park Orlando, drag it around like toys and drowning her in front of horrified visitors.

“I warned them that this will happen,” said the rector. “Happy animals do not kill their teachers.”

There were conflicting reports about the circumstances that led to the sea world trainer death of Dawn Brancheau, but the incident seemed likely to incite a discussion about the rotation marine mammal, believed deeply intelligent and highly social by many scientists, are contained in the circus. 

Brancheau attack, one of the most experienced coaches in the park, is the latest in a series of violent incidents – at least some of them fatal – including SeaWorld killer whale and other marine theme parks around the world.
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Tilikum, 23 feet, 6-ton man that is among the largest killer whale in captivity, were associated with two of these sea world trainer deaths. 

In 1991, killer whales caught and drowned on a part-time trainer Keltie Byrne, who fell into the pool during a show in Siylend Pacific province of British Columbia, Canada. Later transferred to SeaWorld in Orlando, where in July 1999, guards discovered a man was found dead, lying on the Orca back one morning. The man apparently fell into the tank after a few hours, and although an autopsy showed he died from hypothermia, his body was also scratched and bruised.

Witnesses gave different accounts of Orlando told reporters that occurred during the afternoon Show on Wednesday. Eldon Skaggs, 72, Michigan in an interview with the Associated Press that Brancheau, 40, is a platform with the Killer Whale and massage with him, when suddenly the creature “and he swam with her.”

“We were a bit shocked,” said Skaggs “his wife, Sue Nichols, 67.

Another person in the room, told local television that the Orca fly in the tank and fired into the air to get Brancheau, was beaten so badly that the coach left shoe shot. But, according to AP, Jim Solomon Islands Office of the Orange County Sheriff’s said Brancheau slipped and fell into the tank.

In a brief statement posted on the website, Jim Atchison, President of the SeaWorld parks & Entertainment, said the company is investigating the incident and to review their standards of work.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees, guests and the animals entrusted to our care,” he said. Naomi Rose, senior researcher at the Humane Society of the United States, which is a campaign of marine parks, “said Tilikum reputation was well known and SeaWorld trainers specifically prohibited from entering the reservoir Orca’s.

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Rosa marine mammals and many activists believe the hard life in the reservoir for acute Orcas, large animals that roam the deep waters in the united pods.

“They” Moody’s said. Rector, who was a campaign for many years free Lolita, a woman Orca, who spent nearly four decades in captivity at Miami Seaquarium, said that makes them “crazy”.

Lolita, Rose said, is not associated with any serious attack on a bus, but his old Mate tanks, Hugo, died from bleeding in the skull in 1980 accused the activists Orca hitting his head against the side of a small reservoir.

Jorge Martinez, spokesman for the Oceanarium, issued a brief statement on Wednesday expressed his condolences, but declined further comment.

Orca and while people interact without incident on a daily basis in the marine shows, Rose said the rector and flagrant attacks and meetings are common.

Sea world underestimates the danger all the time, “says Rose.

In December last year, coach Orca drowned in a park in Spain. Other coach at least for SeaWorld San Antonio in 2004. In 2006, his Killer Whale Killer Whale is attached to the foot of his trainer in San Diego, was held under him, and he almost drowned – the third attack on a coach with the same killer.
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It was a few months later, when SeaWorld dolphins is a grave for some teachers, that Dean said that he wrote the company warned that they were shown before placing the health of mammals.

“Too much pressure and stress created in an attempt to achieve perfection, the animals are paying the price and visualization of consequences,” he wrote in the letter, which is a prerequisite for the Miami Herald.

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