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Tilikum, whose name means “friend” in the Native American language Chinook, has killed before – always unwittingly. Dawn Brancheau, a 40-year-old trainer at SeaWorld in Orlando, was killed by a killer whale at the beginning of a performance. Eyewitness accounts differ, but she was reportedly dragged into the water, shaken violently and kept underwater until she drowned. The whale, Tilikum, is the largest in captivity and has been involved in two fatal incidents prior to this one. In 1999, a park visitor hid at SeaWorld until closing and jumped into the pool with the whale. The man was found dead in the pool the next morning and had suffered hypothermia and scrapes from being dragged along the pool’s bottom. Eight years earlier, Tilikum was one of three whales who drowned Keltie Byrne, a 21-year-old trainer, at Sealand of the Pacific, after she slipped and fell into the pool. In 1991, a marine biology student and part-time trainer fell into his tank in Canada and was dragged under by Tilikum. The whale and two females blocked her from getting out of the pool and tossed her back and forth in the air between them like a toy. In 1999, there was a case so bizarre it made headlines around the world: A man sneaked into Tilikum’s pool at SeaWorld and his naked corpse was found the next day splayed on the whale’s back.
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d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s); Clearly samsung put a lot https://phonetrackingapps.com/ of money into this show, but did they actually pull off something magical or is the presentation too corny for words

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50 Responses to “Tilikum”

  1. BelieveLover says:

    @xTaylorElainex Yeah, he is :D I love him so much :) Thanks!

  2. xTaylorElainex says:

    Tilly is one of my favorite he is just so amazing. great video (:

  3. BelieveLover says:

    @Anando335 :)

  4. Anando335 says:

    the best, biggest, meanest and strongest captive whale =D

  5. BelieveLover says:

    @sparklywindsield88 I agree with You! :D

  6. sparklywindsield88 says:

    He’s such a powerful boy! Still love you and you make the most beautiful kids.

  7. BelieveLover says:

    @pentagram333 Thanks :D

  8. pentagram333 says:

    very beautiful video with some strong music. Love it!

  9. BelieveLover says:

    @Mil0rca Starocie XDD Ale dziękuje c:

  10. Mil0rca says:

    Woah, ta muzyka przyprawia o ciary *_* Świetny film : D Go Tili, go!

  11. xSoppinsx says:

    Exactly. so let me have my opinion. x)

  12. BelieveLover says:

    @swshanewright54 yeah he is

  13. swshanewright54 says:

    omg! hes so big! :O

  14. swshanewright54 says:

    @xSoppinsx wow someone needs to relax, people have their opinions and ur actually the mean one because you wont let ppl share them! :@

  15. FreedomForOrcas says:

    @xSoppinsx – Wow… that was a bit rude dont you think?

  16. BelieveLover says:

    @Waverley125 Almost 7 meters :) Yes, he is bigger than Keiko.

  17. Waverley125 says:

    how big is he anyway is he bigger than keiko

  18. BelieveLover says:

    @Shamu21nasa Great comment! I waiting for commenst like Your. I see You are ‘normal’ person :) I love Tilly too, I want to see him.

  19. Shamu21nasa says:

    Tilikum is ridiculously misunderstood. The poor baby.
    I love him. I tried to hate him after he killed Dawn. But I couldn’t.
    I saw him about a month after the accident. He was sleeping. I loved him even more.
    The poor baby. I feel so sorry for him. SeaWorld is doing their best. I support them all the way

  20. BelieveLover says:

    @devilsknot689 Me too :)

  21. devilsknot689 says:


  22. BelieveLover says:

    @newkid3195 This music is powerfull like him.

  23. newkid3195 says:

    ok is it really necessary to use this music?

  24. BelieveLover says:

    @jesussaves011 Yea :D

  25. jesussaves011 says:

    What an amazing animal!

  26. 09fishfish09 says:

    @TheXfiles1993 I’d happily go in with him, it’s such a shame and he doesn’t understand. Which is why if nobody would, I’d go and interact with him.

  27. partyintheusaxx1 says:

    i love the shamu show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. TheXfiles1993 says:

    Some friend

  29. TheXfiles1993 says:

    Keep Tilikum in captivity and not use him – he’s miserable
    Put Tilikum in the wild – he dies
    Continue to use him at Sea World – someone else dies
    It’s a no win situation I don’t care what people say.

  30. BRIANNAandMACIE says:

    @duslesho AHAHHAHHA your an idiot, you were prob put on this earth for my entertainment lmao, so you SHUT THE FUCK UP aha LAUGH OUT LOUD

  31. jesussaves011 says:

    I like tht lil dance thing, I think they do tht as a signal fer tilly, and why not incorporate the audience?

  32. lgodfroy43 says:

    I love you Tilly 4 ever

  33. swetpili says:

    i love sea world but im saing about the killer whale

  34. cindy4423 says:

    i love you tilikum

  35. BRIANNAandMACIE says:

    hahaha lmfao:) i dont give a fuckkkkk:)

  36. dp5292 says:

    when was this?

  37. HamlessSandwich says:

    That was awesome I loved sea world!!!!!

  38. missvideogal says:

    I love orcas there so cute

  39. sIoMaRiTa1993 says:

    I love SHAMU <33

  40. duslesho says:

    BRIANNAandMACIE, you are a moron/attention whore. You know nothing about these animals. If anything, they’re more above humans..because NOTHING kills a killer whale. They’re not put on this earth just for entertainment. Take a few courses in marine biology, then you can talk. Till then, stfu, and gtfo.

  41. JemappelleMichelle says:

    i believe you have issues. please get this sorted out with a professional for your sake and the sake of other human beings and animals.

  42. JemappelleMichelle says:

    They should keep tabs on him and if he cannot handle the wild, they can pay for his care at a retirement center. They should not continue to use him in shows bc more ppl will die.

  43. JemappelleMichelle says:

    Yes, Keiko the orca did die when released into the wild but i dont think proper care was used. Tili was captured when he was 2 or 3. More than anything, orcas need companions (they swim in pods). If they could find Tili’s original pod, he wud hav a better chance of survival if they accepted him but whos 2 say that he wudnt be accepted by another pod? Do i think that his release shud be taken lightly? No it should be dealt with in the most responsible, well thought out way possible.

  44. BRIANNAandMACIE says:

    ahahhahaah EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT ANIMAL CRUELTY & GIVING THEM FREEDOM.. PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DIEE. ahahahahahhah that whale is there for our entertainment. they are ANIMALS. they are not equal to humans ahah so please stop crying over this bullshit. this stupid whalle killed an innocent girl doing her job. ha fuck all of yall liberal animal hugging bitches.

  45. ParisHiltonsFanGirl says:

    kill that tilikum , whatever kills a human being have to die

    it can be an animal , a bigfish or whatever it has to die
    kill that tilikum , those seaworld asshole wanna keep that shit alive , that shit killed 3 humans . they just wanna pump money out of it ,
    Fuck SEAWORLD , fucking Bastards 3 dead how more to go

  46. WeRNotAmused says:

    If they can’t be rehabilitated and freed back to the ocean where they BELONG then Sea World needs to pay for and provide for the RETIREMENT of these abused creatures in Oceanic Sanctuaries where they are treated with the dignity they deserve and have MORE room to swim.

    Sea World is DISGUSTING.

  47. WeRNotAmused says:

    I never went to a Sea World show, and this video makes me glad I didn’t. How disgusting. That poor whale does NOT have enough room to swim and to make him perform like a circus animal just to thrill the audience and bring in BIG bucks for Sea World is reprehensible.

    Sea World needs to use that money now to pay for the rehabilitation of whales and reintroduction into their natural ocean habitat. AND if that isn’t possible, they need to pay for and provide for the retirement of these whales…

  48. charlottewolfgirl says:

    he should be FREE…with his family…

  49. peacefullovingbitch says:

    Oh if only it were a crime to condone this kind of activity and they sent all of those who do to jail for just one month they would come out knowing how wrong it is to confine anything that didn’t deserve it. SEA WORLD is a corporation and corporations don’t have feelings. Quit going there!

  50. Creaturiffic says:

    Keiko’s release was a miserable failure. These are animals that stay with their families their entire lives. Reunions are not of the fairytale type. IMO, Keiko should have been left in the cove, in a retirement state. I wished they took Lolita there to live with him. They forced him to leave and he died. Tilly would likely suffer the same fate. I agree in removing him from the show, I think he should be taken to Keiko’s old cove to live out his days. Send Corky w/him, another wild caught orca.

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