What should be done with the Tilikum the orca whale that killed its trainer at SeaWorld, I love him?

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I love Tilikum more than ever since his act of violence is the expression of his depression and frustration.

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Answer by Gorkbark Porkduke Gefunken Fubar

These whales are sick and tired of being cooped up in that bath tub of a fish bowl called Sea World. Humans are arrogant they get what they deserve when an animal like that revolts and lashes out. They all should be let loose or else made into fast food.

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14 Responses to “What should be done with the Tilikum the orca whale that killed its trainer at SeaWorld, I love him?”

  1. Billy Blaze says:

    He should be re-introduced into the wild. These animals are simply too big and too intelligent to be locked up. No wonder he went nuts.

  2. YAHOO SUX IT!!! says:

    he should be rewarded for exposing the hypocrisy of sea world and then released into the wild

  3. Damiano says:

    Whales and dolphins should not be kept in captivity.

    Watch a film called The Cove

  4. RubyRosie says:

    I think they should set him free or at least stop with the shows, and let him live the rest of his life in peace!

  5. DAVID says:

    Kill it, it has killed several times, I bet it would be good eating…lol

  6. IM THE REAL PAUL GRASS 53 in all says:

    he needs to be separated and not in shows. don’t know if they can release him would he make it now that he has been around humans

  7. jakeb says:

    butcher him for fish dinner.

  8. animalluvr says:

    he and the other whales should be released into the wild! its not fair for such intelligent creatures to be put in captivity and made to do silly tricks. the shows have absolutely no educational value at all!
    free the whales, and yes, WATCH THE COVE!

  9. 0bama Calls ME at 3AM says:

    He should be released, either off the coast of Hyannisport or in San Francisco Bay.

  10. B SIDE says:

    The trainer knew the job was dangerous. And SeaWorld knew that this orca had a history of violent behavior. So far as I can tell, it was just a matter of time. SeaWorld should keep him around for breeding, since he’s worth about 2 million dollars. But if I were a trainer, I wouldn’t work with the grumpy old fella.

  11. imastinkaa says:

    I don’t think he should be released purely for the fact that he wouldn’t be able to survive in the ocean. I read somewhere that he was caught when he was 2 years old, so he wouldn’t have the skills to live out in the wild.
    I agree, I think they should stop putting him in the shows and maybe they should think about creating a larger sanctuary for him to live in as the pool he currently resides in is ridiculously small.

  12. HermanjildoM says:

    He shouldn’t be in shows any more. Also he should be put back in his original purpose that he had when he arrived at SeaWorld (mating)

  13. Catie O says:

    Good for you! Though I don’t think that his accidental killing was out of anger. He’s a big guy, 12 thousand pounds and 22 feet! Dawn knew that he and all the other orcas are dangerous. She took the risk because she loves the animals and her job. I respect her for that.
    So many people are going around saying, “Oh, all orcas are evil! We should kill him!” and “It’s not fair! Release him! Free Tilly!” First of all, animals are not evil. They simply do what they do because it’s part of their nature. Second of all, releasing him, although seeming a happy solution, is just like killing him. People don’t realize that this animal has been in captivity for most of his life, and just wouldn’t survive the ocean. Too many dangers and he has no idea how to catch fish. Every meal he’s ever had has been served to him.
    The only reasonable solution right now is discontinue his use in shows and give him a large tank with plenty of items that he would see in his natural habitat. Having perhaps another killer whale or two with him would be nice as well. It’s not that he’s a bad orca, he’s just dangerous. He doesn’t know his own strength. Personally, I’m kind of torn between animals in captivity and no animals in captivity, because there are pros and cons for each. Though it may be nicer for each individual animal to be released, the entire kind would benefit from captivity because of breeding programs. But I don’t think that we should discontinue the shows. SeaWorld does care, but their major money maker is the shows. If they cancel them, they have little to no money to care for their animals. Besides, the orcas are treated nicely and certainly don’t go without a reward for performing. For them, I would think that this is just another fun trick.
    So, all in all, I think isolating Tilikum but keeping him is our best bet right now. Keep believing in him.

  14. Sasha Puchinsky says:

    turn him into sushi and feed some Haitians

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