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By early 1995, Dookie album, only in the US, has sold 5 million copies, and the world’s sales of 12 million copies. However, this success was negatively perceived by other groups, as such action does not agree with the original ideology of punk music. Al Sobrante (Al Sobrante, genuine name John Alan Kiffmeyer), and they changed their name to Green Day (to pay tribute to one of his tunes). Around the same time, the band autonomously discharged their first EP – 1,000 Hours, which was generally welcomed in the punk shake group. Afterward, the band marked an agreement with the nearby free name Lookout! Records. Around the same time Green Day discharged their first collection 39/Smooth. Soon after the collection’s discharge the band changed drummer Tre Cool on (Tre Cool, genuine name Frank Edwin Wright III). He turns into a perpetual individual from the band. Williams-bolar served nine days in jail for falsifying records and still faces additional help with writing essays probation time

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