Killer Whale Attack Footage 2010

Killer Whale 2010

The death of an expert trainer Dawn Brancheau during the show has triggered a heated debate in the world of whale training.

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However, a former co-worker at the SearWorld has spilled the beans. While talking to a WFTV-Channel 9 he blamed Dawn for the accident.

Interestingly, he is not the first man to say so. Other workers at the SeaWorld have absolved the killer whale Tilikum. Not only this, but the management has decided to keep the giant 12,000 pound whale in the SeaWorld. They all know that this was not one-off incident in which the whale was involved. In the last 19 years Tilikum has been involved in many fatalities.

However, this time the blame was put on Dawn. The officials said that Tilikum got irritated after Dawn’s hair floated over his mouth. The whale dragged her under the cage, drowning her.

Thad said the trainers were instructed to stay far from the whale’s mouth. “The protocol was not to be around Tilikum’s mouth while you’re laying down,” he said.

Also Thad said Dawn “became too comfortable with the animal she loved so much.” The 40-year-old Dawn was a great animal lover. She had dreamed of becoming whale trainer when she was only ten years old. When she grew up she went to university to read behavioral science of animal. The effort was to understand whale’s behavior. But all these could not save her from the wrath of the killer whale on that fateful day.

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